Technical SEO

Did you know that search engines like Google, Bing, or Baidu don’t use real humans to evaluate your website for ranking?

Well, sometimes they do. Google, for example, signs people worldwide to check Google Search results after each signifcant update following a robust document called the Search Quality Rater Guidelines. Although these guidelines do not disclose how Google Search works, they give hints on where Google wants its search engine to get. And these raters are not Google employees.

But Google Search is proeminently run by machine learning and numerous so-called ranking systems. Each time you search for something on Google, it’s a machine that ranks and returns the results on your screen.

How does this fit in with your website? Well, Google Search is not a human. So, it evaluates your website differently from a human. It looks into factors like code, site architecture, and content to understand your website before indexing and classifying it in its search results. And this is where technical SEO is born.

To better understand technical SEO, think of it as a job that combines programming knowledge and digital marketing. A technical SEO professional performs better when working directly with your web developer. Some technical SEO professionals started their careers as web developers themselves. So, they know the jargon and how to explain specific task implementations.

A technical SEO is also a marketer. There’s no perfect website on the Web. Focusing on improving every aspect of your website is futile. That’s why technical SEO takes a business-oriented approach of focusing on those implementations that bring positive results for the business.

Content is important. But if your website has technical issues, it will not bring you traffic.

Once you understand that Google is a machine and not a human, the more you may see why technical SEO is important for your online business.

Every technical SEO project starts with an audit. It constitutes a comprehensive analysis of the gritty parts of your website where only your web developer dwells. Meta tags are just the tip of the ice berg. There’s more to it.

Need a technical SEO audit for your website? Let me know about your business and what you want to achieve, and I’ll audit your website and propose solutions that align with your business goals.