SEO Mentoring

In my first two years of doing SEO, there wasn’t an SEO professional I could look up to for help on my specific issues. I had a manager who did SEO some years ago, but that was it. I had to learn everything by reading blogs, following YouTube videos, going to conferences, and practising it at my job.

Later, I had the pleasure of working with a 10-year experienced SEO expert who gave me one valuable lesson – don’t be afraid to experiment with SEO ideas.

Don’t be afraid to practice your SEO knowledge.

Having another SEO besides you is ten times better than reading articles of the best SEO professionals in the world. That’s because you both know the company, its goals, its struggles.

Here’s where I come to you.

Have you ever experienced the Impostor syndrome since you started working in SEO, overwhelmed by how fast Google algorithms come and go, and how frequently the SERPs change? Have you ever felt you lacked the technical skills to succeed at your job?

Have you recently promoted or hired a junior SEO specialist who could use coaching and mentoring from a seasoned professional?

I can coach and mentor SEO specialists who are new to the game. We can meet online on Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype – location doesn’t matter. We can do 1 or 2-hour sessions on a daily or weekly basis.

If you need help raising your confidence in SEO and being better at the job, don’t hesitate to contact me.