Link Building

I do not offer link-building services at the moment. However, I can assist in finding the best strategy your team can implement.

Backlinks, or inbound links, are links on other websites that point to your website. They serve as votes that Google takes into account when ranking your website. But not all backlinks are the same. The Key aspect in acquiring backlinks is relevance. It’s better to have a lower number of relevant backlinks from high-quality websites than to have a high number of backlinks from lower-quality websites. 

In the old days, you could have had millions of low-quality links pointing to your website and see a boost in your organic rankings. Nowadays, it’s different. 

Google’s mission is to serve the world with the best information people look for. Creating backlinks to manipulate rankings is against Google’s guidelines and can have your organic traffic tank. Google has worked extensively in the last decade to prevent those who try to trick the system into ranking on top.

Don’t believe freelancers or agencies that sell you links. I’m talking about those who contact you by email or Linkedin, sharing lists of websites from where you can obtain links for a fee. Google will most likely ignore those links, and you end up paying for nought. 

Don’t buy domains and redirect them to your website, as they do not work either.

Cold emails are also a lost art. Journalists no longer reply to pitches that lack interesting stories or aren’t breaking news. 

So, what is there to do?

In one word, PR! Your Marketing and PR department has the potential to increase your brand awareness on the Web. The more powerful the brand, the more quality the backlinks. We shouldn’t even call them backlinks but earned media. 

I can help your PR team build a strategy that aligns with your audience and business offering. 

How? By proposing tactics that will make Google more aware of your company and reward it in Google’s search engine result pages.

Are you looking for ideas to acquire earned media that Google will love? Let me know about your business, your audience, and your goals.